Atlas Orthogonal

Atlas Orthogonal

Live life with fewer headaches and less pain.

Postural Therapy

Postural Therapy

Move more freely with better posture.

Structural Chiropractic Services

Structural Chiropractic Services

Realign your back and move with confidence.

Discover Balance and Align Your Health

Consult your local chiropractor in Missoula, MT

Do you deal with constant back pain, neck pain or headaches? Just one visit to a chiropractor can ease your chronic symptoms.

Precision Chiropractic in Missoula, MT provides specialized chiropractic services. You'll meet one-on-one with our certified chiropractor to discuss your pain or posture concerns and determine the best chiropractic services for your specific needs.

Should you see a chiropractor?

Everyone can benefit from chiropractic services. While not all types of pain can be healed with chiropractic care, most patients experience benefits in more ways than one. You should see a chiropractor if:

You sit for long periods of time.

You've experienced a sports injury.

You've been in a car accident.

Your shoes wear out at different times.

You have a limited range of motion.

If you experience any of these symptoms, make an appointment with our specialized chiropractor and discover the difference proper alignment makes.

Committed to client health

Precision Chiropractic is a trusted and compassionate chiropractor in Missoula, MT. Certified in Atlas Orthogonal and structural chiropractic, Dr. Bernard Olson can treat you for a variety of chronic body pains and illnesses. As one of the Atlas Orthogonal specialists in the area, you're sure to find the care you need at Precision Chiropractic.

Visit our practice in Missoula, MT for personalized chiropractic services.